Ready to learn what it takes to become a professional
Voice Actor?

The Business of Work From Home Voice Acting for Beginners is a foundational course designed for aspiring and beginner Voice Actors who are eager to learn about and dive into the voiceover industry.

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What's in the course?

Getting Started In Voice Acting

We take a look at what it looks like to get into the voiceover industry in modern day and what that looks like for your individual business and goals.


Building & Launching Your VO Biz

We'll talk about the essential tools you need to start building your voiceover business as well as form a plan for how you'll launch your biz.


Growing Your VO Biz

Once you know how to build and launch your biz, we'll get into what goes into growing a voiceover business with tips and advice for sourcing and tracking client leads as well as putting yourself out there by auditioning and connecting with people in the industries you want to work in.


This course is for you if...

Here are some FAQs about the course:

No, this course is designed for aspiring and beginner Voice Actors to get a handle on the voiceover industry as a whole and understand the basics of building, launching, and growing an at home voiceover business.

Technically, yes! While not everyone who takes this course should or will grow into a successful professional Voice Actor, this industry is open to people from all working backgrounds.

A computer, the internet, and a willingness to learn!

After you take this course, you will: 

-Better understand if voice acting is right for you and how you can get started ASAP

-Have a curated toolkit for building your business

-Feel confident in sharing what you’ve created with your network and the world

-Be on your way to growing your voiceover business on your own terms

Get your voiceover business off the ground today!

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