WFHVA #9: How to Utilize LinkedIn for Voiceover with Tracy Lindley

Tracy Lindley

Tracy Lindley has successfully built her voiceover business from a few gigs that helped her pay for college (in place of donating plasma!) to a six-figure venture. 

Tracy is a firm believer in the marathon approach to your voiceover business and how this is NOT the job to get rich quick – the tortoise wins the race. We talk about what it means to be serious about your work and how there is always room to grow and learn no matter how successful you become.

Tracy is a full-time Voice Actor but she also has two courses about utilizing LinkedIn for business – The LinkedIn Edge and The VO Edge, specifically for Voice Actors. Learn more about Tracy, her work, and her courses at the links below.

Time Stamps:

0:52 – Beginning of conversation with Tracy.

1:23 – How Tracy got started in VO.

2:52 – Learning she could do VO from home + her Resources page.

6:00 – When she realized LinkedIn is so powerful for voiceover marketing.

9:55 – Seeing results from LinkedIn + connecting with clients vs peers.

13:30 – Staying humble!

14:54 – The future of LinkedIn for voiceover.

16:20 – Authentic is the name of the game these days.

17:33 – What you should update on your LinkedIn profile TODAY.

18:45 – Making your profile the best it can be with The VO Edge.

Connect with Tracy:

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